Test of cooperative digitization

The digitization of Cooperatives has arrived, how prepared is your organization for the new challenges of the market?
A marketing tool created by:
DEVIDA Institutional Strengthening.

Start test of cooperative digitalization

Answer a few questions and find out how far you have come in digitizing your Cooperative.

1. Does your Cooperative have an official logo?

2. Have you defined your brand colors?

3. Have you chosen an attractive font that represents your cooperative or brand?

4. Do you use identity templates for your social networks?

5. Does your Cooperative have a brochure to help it present itself quickly?

6. Do your products have modern and representative packaging?

7. Can I find your brand story on your website or social media?

8. Does your cooperative have an online store?

9. Does your Cooperative have a gmail address in the name of your organization?

10. Do the Manager, Accountant and Board of Directors have access to this institutional gmail?

11. Have you created official pages for your Cooperative on social networks (e.g. Facebook Fanpage, Instagram Company Account, LinkedIn Company Page, etc.)?

12. Does your Cooperative have WhatsApp for Business (WhatsApp Business)?

13. Does your Cooperative share and understand its added value or differentiating value in the market?

14. What is the name of your Cooperative or brand?

15. Please enter your email address

16. Website:

17. Enter your organization's fanpage

18. Do you consider that your Co-op designs engaging content that connects?

19. Do you use any tools to edit or retouch your photos?

20. Do you use programs or web tools to edit your videos?

21. Do you have messages ready to respond to your buying customers?

22. Do you have a #hashtag to help you increase your brand's visibility and identity in social networks?

23. Do you use action words like "Try it, buy it, call me"?

24. Have you created Featured Stories on your Instagram?

25. Country:

26. Are you a partner of NCBA CLUSA?

27. Origin:

28. Enter your WhatsApp number:

Your score is

The average score is 33%


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