What is CBS

An NCBA CLUSA initiative part of our Cooperative Development Program

We are the Coop Business school

We are a nonacademic business school specializing in cooperative, associations and small rural businesses. We faciilitate the development of practical capacities and knowledge exchange, contributing to the strengthening and expansion of the social and solidarity economy. We offer an e-learning platform, a virtual community and a team ready to learn and advance together.
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How have we evolved?


Coop Marketing Fridays

Started as an online tool for communication and learning.

Coop Marketing School

Extended to online courses for agricultural producers and public entities in Peru.

Coop Business School

Expanded to Guatemala to serve the unique needs of Guatemalan cooperatives.

Coop Business School

Being adapted for historically underserved agricultural producers in the United States.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, cooperatives – in agriculture and other sectors – faced serious disruptions to their markets and operations. At the same time, technical assistance was only possible virtually. The Coop Business School launched in Peru in 2020 to help cooperatives adapt to this new context by unlocking the power of digital tools and social networks. Originally called the Co-op Marketing School, the goal of the platform was to strenthen co-ops during the pandemic. But responding to the program’s success and interest from other sectors and countries, the School expanded to Guatemala in 2022 and to the United States in 2023.

Our objectives

Strengthen cooperatives’ branding and market position.

Improve cooperative members’ incomes and livelihoods.

Energize and inspire members, their communities and key stakeholders.

Reduce the digital gap within cooperatives.

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