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Agriculture and sustainability
Agriculture and sustainability
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Cooperative development
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    Receive support from the school's partner organizations and entities.

    Inspección General de Cooperativas – INGECOP

    International Co-operative Business Education Consortium

    Centro Universitario de Izabal de la Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala


    Producers Trust / Producers Market

    Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales – FLACSO Guatemala

    Ministerio de Desarrollo Agrario y Riego – MIDAGRI

    Thika Thani

    Instituto Nacional de Cooperativas – INACOP

    We empower people to articulate, promote and manage sustainable, locally-generated solutions



    Evaluate your cooperative in key areas such as governance, management, finance, commerce and more.
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    Train of trainers for women leadership in cooperatives.

    Dulce esperanza

    Discover the first cooperative of women inmates regaining control of their lives through dignified work.
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