Digital Marketing Course Aimed at Farmers, Ranchers and Producers

Digital Marketing for Cooperatives: Anatomy of social media

Position yourself in the different digital channels to position your brand and effectively promote your products and services.
Certificate of Completion
Obtain a certificate upon completion of all course modules on behalf of the Coop Business School of NCBA CLUSA, thanks to the support of USDA and USAID.
100% online course
Learn at your own pace by managing your time and completing the activities of the different modules by accessing your personal Virtual Classroom profile.
Use of multiple digital tools and channels
Approx. * 14 hours per module
Video lectures, activities and tutorials
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* Based on office hours. One module per month.

Are you ready to innovate and apply digital marketing in your business?

Are you a member of a cooperative, association or entrepreneur and would like to implement an innovative and effective digital marketing that allows you to promote your products or services? Are you a farmer, rancher or producer looking for something new and fun that will help you to make yourself known and have more promotion options in the digital world? Then this is your opportunity to learn something new, which will help you learn about digital trends, update and access new promotion and sales options for your organization or business.

What will you learn?

Set up the most important digital asset accounts for your company or business

How to have a social media presence to help you position your brand

Use the tools for the creation, production and edition of digital content.

Current trends for doing business through digital channels and increasing sales

YouTube video

Course modules


Creation of official accounts and profiles

You will learn:
-Setting up the official accounts for your organization or business on various digital platforms. -Using effective tools for messaging and story posting. -Optimizing your digital profiles so that potential customers can easily find you in the digital environment.

Content Creation and Account Synchronization

You will learn:
-Create institutional templates using the design and editing tools. -Use various video editing and production tools to skillfully create short videos. -Synchronize the social media accounts of your organization or business.

Graphic Identity and Copywriting

You will learn:
-Design a visually appealing feed that represents your organization or business on your social networks. -Effectively use the design and editing tools to produce high-quality content. -Learn how to effectively address and communicate various aspects you want to emphasize about your organization or business, including description, products, the acquisition process, and more.

Smartphone video and photo

You will learn:
-Maximize the capabilities of your mobile phone to capture high-quality images and videos. -Nail down key concepts such as lighting, angles, and backgrounds to achieve stunning shots. -Develop skills to effectively organize your concepts and create minidocumentaries that have a significant impact through storytelling.

Photo And Video with your Smartphone for Social Networks

You will learn:
-Utilize Facebook for effective message dissemination, both organically and through paid advertising methods. -Humanize and shape the identity of your organization or business through audiovisual content that tells creative and touching stories. -Publish attractively edited and interactive content to strengthen your connection with the community and improve engagement.

Creating Cell Phone Produced Videos

You will learn:
-Understand the differences between traditional approaches to doing business and the use of various digital platforms. -Identify strategies to convert visitors into leads and how these leads can turn into effective sales. -Conduct analysis of website and social media traffic metrics, enabling you to interpret this information and make informed decisions based on this data.

Meet your instructors

Kristina Loginova
Creadora de contenido y fundadora de
Compartiré contigo las herramientas y tácticas que mejores resultados me generaron vendiendo Café de Especialidad Peruano.
Adela Siancas
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César Vega Medina
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certificate of specialization

You will be able to download the Network Anatomy Digital Marketing Course Certificate, when you have completed all 9 modules and demonstrate with the certificates of approval of the modules, that you have finished satisfactorily.

Expand your consolidation and growth strategies to the Internet, position your brand and get ready to access the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Digital Marketing for Cooperatives: Anatomy of social media course?

The Digital Marketing course consists of 6 online training modules, which addresses strategies and techniques to promote products or services online through various digital platforms.

Can only farmers and ranchers participate?

The course is oriented to people oriented to those production activities within the United States, since the promoter is USDA, but it is also available for those who are oriented to other types of activities.

Does the course cost anything and how can I pay for it?

The course is completely free of charge and no fee is required. The scholarship is provided by the USDA and USAID to participate in SBC training programs. To obtain a scholarship, simply apply to the scholarship program available.

How can I apply for a Scholarship?

The course is completely free of charge and no fee is required. The scholarship is provided by the USDA and USAID to participate in SBC training programs. To obtain a scholarship, simply apply to the scholarship program available.

What are the requirements to receive a scholarship?

Generally, to apply for a scholarship, you must complete an application form provided during the registration process. To be eligible, you must be registered on the CBS platform.

Are there any restrictions to participate in the course?

In most cases, there are no restrictions, unless the course is geared towards a specialized subject, such as accounting, agriculture, commerce, etc.

How long does the course last?

The duration of the course will vary depending on the amount of time the scholarship recipient dedicates to the course, but it is generally estimated that it can be completed in approximately one month.

How will I access the course material?

The course material will be available for download in the Virtual Classroom. In addition, in the Resources section of the Platform, you will be able to access various resources for reading, consultation and applications.

Will certificates be awarded upon completion of the course?

Certificates will be awarded only to those who have satisfactorily completed all the activities of the modules that make up the course and who have the corresponding certificates.

What is expected of course participants?

Participants are expected to perform the assigned activities, attend the scheduled sessions to resolve doubts, interact in the discussions or community forums and comply with the established rules of conduct.

What are the scheduled hours of operation?

Scheduled office hours are scheduled times when instructors or tutors will be available to answer questions, receive projects, provide follow-up and offer additional information or new courses to scholarship recipients.